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Illustrated by Josette Adame

“We got Santa Margarita by the liter. She know even if I’m f—-in with her, I don’t really need her…” and it continues.
Many of you already know, but for those who don’t, these are lyrics from “The Motto” by Drake. The song in question is not the issue as much as the chorus and how it’s become the latest “motto” for the nation.
“Now she want a photo. You already know though. You only live once: that’s the motto nigga YOLO…every day, every day, f— what anybody say.”
Never mind that the YOLO, you only live once, has become one of the most annoying acronyms humanly possible. The message that it sends has taken on a dangerous interpretation and could lead to a variety of bad consequences.
Never mind that the song is degrading and glorifies drug use or the fact that many young women embrace it.
“Seven grams in the blunt. Almost drowned in her p—- so I swam to her butt…I tongue kiss her other tongue. Skeet skeet skeet: water gun.”
It’s a sad statement that in this day where women have been fighting for better treatment from their male counterparts that media continues to put out content like this and young women continue to accept it; but that’s not the real issue.
Now there is another side of people who define YOLO as “You obviously lack originality,” but so do they. How hard was it to come up with that? All of a sudden, YOLO protestors are in agreement that people who use YOLO lack substance, yet they are equally as annoying because that is far from original.
Anyway, YOLO has taken on a role as the new anthem of our youth and, for whatever reason, has given them free reign to act as stupid as they like because after all, “you only live once.”
But is that true? Is it certain that we only get one life? Christians believe that there is life after death, so what happens after they die? Do they greet St. Peter at the gates of heaven only to be led to a giant slide to hell with a sign that says “You Were Wrong!?” What about reincarnation? What if there is a certain truth to the belief that we return as another and what if, after we return, we have one memory of our past life during a time where we did something stupid, say rob a back screaming, “YOLO!” What happens then?
But wait, we have to think about reality and what we already know. It is probable that, in fact, we only do live once. Still, with that probability is that we are not guaranteed death right after we commit something stupid. Most of us live to regret the mistakes we made. Most of us live a very long time and are haunted by those very mistakes every freaking day of the rest of our lives.
YOLO has its consequences. Having unprotected sex with a perfect stranger because YOLO, drinking hard and blacking out because YOLO. Each has its own set of consequences that will not leave anytime soon.
But, never mind all that. What about the obviously annoying way people actually say YOLO out loud. Have we reduced ourselves to 140 characters because of our obsession with social media and the fact that acronyms have taken over as the new language of the American hipster? People walk around saying “LOLZ” without any thought and now the biggest fear is that ordinary people will commit crimes while screaming “YOLO” at the top of their lungs.
A Catholic priest, a Rabbi and President Obama walk into a bank carrying Wal-Mart bags and handguns. President Obama screams YOLO. Far fetched? You decide, but with the way society is regressing, anything is possible.
Whatever happened to acronyms that actually had substance and gave you something to think about? What ever happened to IITYWTMWYBMAD? Now there’s originality for you.
(If I tell you what that means will you buy me another drink?)

Editor in Chief of the South Texan at Texas A&M University - Kingsville


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