Tornados Season Strikes Dallas–Fort Worth

Tornados Season Strikes Dallas–Fort Worth

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Tornado season struck with force in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. Multiple tornados reportedly touched down all over the DFW Metroplex (this encompasses Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington and 8 other surrounding counties) making it one of the biggest storms in recent memory. The DFW area lies in what is known as the “Tornado Valley.”

Residents are no strangers to the tornado warning sirens. However because of their frequent cries around this time of year they are rarely taken seriously.

Around 3:30 p.m. Emilio Cantu, student at Mountain View College who lives in the OakCliff area of Dallas, was worried about the storm and driving in the rain to get to his job at UPS were he works loading trucks. “They said more [storms] was coming. I don’t know, I woke up like after the first tornados,” he said. He was off to work, since his employers had not called him to cancel. “I’m scared because my car has skinny tires so it slides easily.”

Most of the storms were reported in the Mesquite/Forney, Arlington, and Lancaster areas.

When asked if she was okay, Kimberly Ansley, broadcast communications major at University of Texas Arlington, replied, “Yes, after being in the basement for two hours.” Ansley said the administration put them in the basement. “They were pretty good about their protocol,” she added.

“It seems like there were tornados everywhere, said Teresa Fernandez, student worker at University of Texas Arlington.

“They did the tornado warning around 1:20 p.m. it was hailing and the tornado was on 20 and Cooper which is relatively close to the school. I even heard that there was one close to the Rangers Ballpark,” Fernandez said.

Ramsey Appiagyei, student at Eastfield College located in Mesquite on the Dallas border, left the school 30 minutes after police gathered a crowd up into room C135 (a storm ready room), “I went to a friends house. I had to leave. Couldn’t take it.”

Flights were grounded at DFW International Airport, roads have been shut down in various part of the Metroplex and the storms are reported to be moving into the suburbs and surrounding counties east of DFW.

The Weather Service there has been 12 tornados across North Texas (this is a preliminary count). Dallas’ tornado warning has been cleared. Arlington and Lancaster have both declared a state of emergency.