Relaxation is the key: Students start yoga lessons to help stress

Relaxation is the key: Students start yoga lessons to help stress

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It’s not just sitting in the middle of the room, cross-legged, going, “Oooommm….”

In actuality, there are many forms to it, and it’s just meditating either.

Yoga is a practice, with all sorts of stretches, exercises, and positions to it.

A group at the Texas A&M-Kingsville has started taking Yoga lessons since January 28, at the Student Rec Center, to relax, become healthier, and feel better overall.

The class is taught by Margaret Turbleson, who has the class every Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 1 p.m.

“Anyone can take Yoga. People that have health problems, back problems…the benefits are endless,” Turbleson said.

People that take Yoga are able to get a full eight hour night sleep, learn self-discipline, and start eating healthier. They’re able to focus, Turbleson said.

“If it’s your first class, I will work with you and show you how to do the forms,” Turbleson said.

The class averages around 22 to 24 students each time, both younger and older students attending. Gabe Miller started back in January and had nothing but good things to say about the class.

“I would definitely recommend [Yoga]. The instructor is really good with beginners and spending one-on-one time with people,” he said.

Marcus Esquivel started around the end of February.

“[Yoga] helped relieve some minor back pain, and helped me stand up straighter. You just feel all around better. It stretches your muscles out, helps you breathe better,” Esquivel said.

Deepthi Nair said she was not new to Yoga, having taken classes back in India.

“Both mind and body I feel better. It’s a great class and the instructor’s really great,” Nair said.