Jablonski exhibit merges art with science

Jablonski exhibit merges art with science

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The “Transcedental Dialectic” exhibit will be on display at the Ben Bailey Art Gallery through April 20.

Artist and educator Joyce Jablonski visited the Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s Ben Bailey Art Gallery to speak on the opening of her new ceramics exhibit showing, the “Transcendental Dialectic” March 21.

Jablonski has had more than 20 years teaching art and has exhibited throughout the world.

At a young age, Jablonski was an accurate artist. It was not until she went to Youngstown State University of Ohio in athletic pursuits, did she come across the revived dream of being an artist by setting foot in a ceramics class.

“I had a passion for something. I decided to ride the wave of my dream, and let it give me the direction I was seeking,” said Jablonski. “Originally, I was scared, but along with myself and the teachers who inspired me I headed towards my dream of being an artist.”

Mesmerized by the marriage of science and art, and the bringing of a new meaning to a simple object, Jablonski’s art showing in the Ben Bailey Gallery, continues through April 20. It shows her passion of images and shapes in life from her travels. Some of her art pieces are influenced by the power of femininity. For example, one of her pieces, “The Rosary”, depicts women’s ovaries chained together.

“The feminist from the 1970s influences me to utilize strength in my work,” said Jablonski. “Women from that era used to grovel their own strength into their creations.”

Jablonski, a once struggling artist, has left a mark a in the artistic work as national re-known artist in sculptures and ceramics, according to the Director of the Arts Charles Wissinger.

Jablonski is currently a professor of art and head of ceramics at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, still being influence by the passion from her students and travels and meetings of new people.


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