Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

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Imaginary Wars, Imaginary Issues (March 20, 2012) is indeed a revealing editorial, if nothing new.

Perhaps noteworthy from the editorial is the apparent abuse of a prominent position at a state university’s newspaper in order to sponsor an editor’s views, while attempting to censor individuals whose views differ from the editor’s own.  Individuals whose views differ from the editor’s own should “… mind their own business,” dictates the editor, while evidently not minding his own.

This is an amusing irony.

What’s not at all amusing is the editorial’s eerie tone.  It is reminiscent of the Nazi mentality and rhetoric that led to the Jewish Holocaust, and there is nothing imaginary about the Holocaust, but rather a most hideous reality, which is what happens “… when you have a populace that abhors what your beliefs represent,” to quote the ominous editorial, which in this case is quick to falsify and malign what the beliefs of others represent.

In this day and age it is indeed perilous to see this anywhere, but especially in a publication at a public institution of higher education, particularly under the guise of an editorial by one of its managing staff members.  This is far from progressive.

Never mind that Imaginary Wars, Imaginary Issues comes across as vile, hateful, intolerant, closed-minded, and naïve, it is insidious, irresponsible, and inexcusable.

It seems that civility and the age of reason never arrived at the editor’s desk.


Marco Villegas

TAMUK student


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