‘Kony: 2012’s’ Demise?

‘Kony: 2012’s’ Demise?

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Fares Sabawe News Editor

Jason Russell sought to make Joseph Kony famous, but he ended up gaining negative publicity himself.

The “KONY 2012” viral video is one that no longer needs an introduction. It has only been out for two weeks, yet it has over 84 million views on Youtube and is one of the most widely discussed topics as of late.

Just last week however, Russell was detained for what was described as an absolute meltdown.

He was seen in San Diego walking up and down the streets in just his underwear and, at times, completely naked. The video that TMZ posted shows Russell yelling at himself while naked.

His wife said that Russell was dehydrated, exhausted, and suffered from psychosis. She also said that his recovery would be thorough rather than speedy.

Russell apparently could not handle the fame he was receiving.

It’s unfortunate to say this, but the meltdown of Russell will likely derail the Invisible Children’s movement.

Every movement needs a leader to be effective, but what happens when the leader can’t take the pressure himself?

The movement has already been losing steam in these past few weeks, and to many, the meltdown voided Russell of any credibility we had.

Unless this movement can bring the focus back to the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony, and the importance of his detainment, April 20th will continue to be remembered as the day everyone smokes pot.


Fares Sabawi
Managing Editor