Breaking: Racism still exists in U.S.

Breaking: Racism still exists in U.S.

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The case of Trayvon Martin has transported us to a very real and relevant issue: Racism.

Sure there are no Jim Crow Laws in present-day America, those were abolished in 1965, but the system could do nothing to change the mentalities of people. Many American citizens like to think we live in a discrimination free utopia, where racism has been done away with, and inhabitants are colorblind. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Fifty years ago it was Anglos against minorities, but racism has become further entangled, and started confrontations within minority and religious groups as well.

There are pivotal points in history that have jaded the minds of the public. The Civil Rights Movements of the ‘60s were thought to be enough to rid the land of the free-from racist atrocities taking place. The election of Barrack Obama as the first black president was seen as a sign that racism no longer existed. Although both of these events show we are headed in the right direction, racial tensions are still very much in existence.  They are present in high end department stores, in the public vs. private school systems and even in the workplace where affirmative action is implemented.

Personal opinion outlets have made it hard to keep a clear mind. Mass media has much to do with influencing the way the public views issues. This was all seen last week on news reports from around the country showing enraged black communities. They make it seem like no one but them care about the case. Where are the other races rallying for justice?

There have been many arguments as to whether or not George Zimmerman (who is of Anglo and Latino descent) pursued Martin because of his race. We don’t know whether police followed protocol in investigating whether Zimmerman acted in self-defense when chasing after Martin and taking his life.

What we do know is that Martin had nothing but a bag of Skittles in his pocket.

There are inconsistencies in the Zimmerman’s story; even the police chief of Sanford felt it necessary to step down.

We won’t know how this turns out just yet. If Zimmerman is charged with a hate crime, there will have to be more evidence stacked up against him than what sounds like a racial slur muttered under his breath right before he decided to pursue Martin.

One thing is for sure, the attention and the tensions that have risen from the death of Martin illustrate that racism is alive and kicking.

So, citizens of Utopian American, it’s time to open those peepers and let this piece of illuminating knowledge into that brain: racism exists. The sooner we all admit it, the sooner we can all get to cleansing those brains that have been infected with ridiculous prejudicial thoughts.


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