Freshman contribute to six percent enrollment jump

Freshman contribute to six percent enrollment jump

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Texas A&M University-Kingsville saw a six percent jump in enrollment from Spring 2011 to this semester due to increased retention and new admission criteria.

Manuel Lujan, vice president for enrollment management, says the freshmen class of 2011 contributed to the rise in enrollment.

“We brought in more students and did a very good job of retaining our freshmen from fall to spring.”

This Spring, AMK has 6,309 students enrolled in classes.

One year ago, 5,952 were registered.

“We’ve been growing for a while and this spring we did quite well,” said Lujan.

For four years, spring enrollment has been on the rise at AMK, he said.

Since 2009, 1,100 more students have enrolled in classes.

AMK introduced new admission standards last fall, affecting incoming freshmen.

“We have, for the most part, been an open admission school. The freshmen class of 2011 was the first class to come under new admission standards.”

The result was a 4 percentage point increase in class rank for those accepted to the university.

“The quality of the freshmen class is quite a bit better than the previous year. We hope that continues to be the case with the next freshmen class.”

In 2013, admission standards will be raised again.

“We are gradually going to be increasing our admission standards in an effort to bring in better students and assist in our retention rate,” said Lujan.

The university continues to attract new students with changes on campus such as the Honors College, he said.