AMK Student Government to sponsor graduate program informational to benefit students

AMK Student Government to sponsor graduate program informational to benefit students

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The College of Graduate Studies will be providing an event for students sponsored by the Student Government Association tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m. to help and answer questions and concerns about the program.

“This event gives an opportunity for undergraduate students asking question about graduate programs,” said Edwin Vasquez, SGA senator and graduate student in charge of the event.

“Some examples will be… what’s the minimum GPA required for acceptance in the graduate programs? When and where do students need to take the GRI, this is the mandatory admission exam to register for graduate programs, and are there scholarship opportunities?”

With little awareness of the Graduate Studies Program at AMK, there will be quite a few of those in charge of the program to provide information and what they offer to those who wish to expand their education.

According to Vasquez, the Dean of College Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohamed Abelranhman, and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, Dr. Linda Challo, will be available to students asking questions or staging concerts about graduate programs.

Other administrators expected to be there are Vice President of student affairs, Dr. Terisa Riley, Dean of Students, Kristen Compary and Christian Ferris, director of career service.

Vasquez’s goals for the event include providing information about the registration process as well as gaining the students’ trust when it comes to answering their concerns about the program.

“The registration for a graduate program is a little more complicated than that of undergraduate; however there are several options that are available for prospective students.

For example, you can take graduate classes during your senior undergrad year before you are graduate student. You can still be accepted to graduate program even if you fail the entry exam,” Vasquez said. “Many students might not believe me if I told them, but if they heard it from the Dean of Students, this information will be confirmed.”

One of the most successful programs of graduate studies is Engineering while one of the least successful is the College of Arts and Sciences, Vasquez said.

It has become an important issue for the graduate program to help those in the Arts and Sciences programs and bring them options they still have to continue their higher education in Kingsville.

“During last year, the Texas Coordinator Board of Education cut several programs from universities across Texas. Unfortunately, AMK lost about 16 masters programs, according to the information discussed at the last round table from University President Dr. Steven Tallant,” said Vasquez. “To be clear, this was not the fault of the university administration, rather, these cuts were due to cuts in funding from the State.”

An event is expected to aid students by providing an opportunity to gain advice from the professionals to help bring bigger possibilities of landing a better job.

The Graduate Studies Forum will be providing refreshments, answers, and applications at the Student Union Building in Room 219-B tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m.