JNET makes college life easier

JNET makes college life easier

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Texas A&M University—Kingsville (AMK) has officially released JNET, a new web portal that is now available to students.

AMK’s release of JNET makes the college experience an easier one for Javelina students.

JNET offers students easy access to important links, like DegreeWorks, Blackboard, and MoneyConnect.

AMK students can also use JNET to stay on track with the “My Stuff” tab that can help with planning.

JNET also has a news tab that features “Hog eWeekly” which can help students stay as up to date as possible with the news on campus.

JNET also made sure to include social media integration by having a Twitter and Facebook section on the website.

This web portal includes every service that a student can possibly need to succeed here at AMK.