Imaginary Wars; Imaginary Issues

Imaginary Wars; Imaginary Issues

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Why do we give undeserved consideration to the religious?
Fine, you believe in a magical man in the sky who’ll let you live with him when you die, and tell him how awesome he is for all eternity. Good for you, here’s your foam helmet and apple-juice; try not to hurt yourself too badly.
Yet we’ve not only granted these eccentric folks the potential to participate in our society; they’ve been known to thrive. There isn’t one candidate up for the presidency who doesn’t have “Jesus” Tourettes. Having an African American president was impressive, but we’re still a long way away from having an atheist commander in chief.
Look at all this debate over birth control, the horrible offense it’s flung upon the religious populous! God forbid someone be offended, if that happened then… well they’d be very offended wouldn’t they?
Anytime someone complains on a national stage that their sensibilities or religious beliefs have been offended, why don’t we collectively shrug our shoulders and say, “So what?”
People need to learn to mind their own business. What’s the logical argument against women getting free birth control? And remember, you can’t say, “God doesn’t like it,” if I can’t say “Unicorns do.”
“The more the government gives; the more they may be welcome to take?” How scary! Who knows what they might give us next: a better standard of living, a competent space program, free healthcare? Or does Jesus not like those either?
To the common folk, comfortable in their delusions and fearful of an eternity of non-existence: Grow up and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, we need you to help our species crawl out of this filthy pit of ignorance and intolerance we’ve dug for ourselves.
To the elite, the movers and shakers with fake smiles and disingenuous piety: Not all of us are stupid. We see your godliness for the stage prop that it is, and we are unimpressed. Your obnoxious ruse works right now, but you’ve got entire generations who will soon be coming into their own, and aren’t entirely impressed with the way things have been run during your reign.
What happens when you have a populace that abhors what your beliefs represent? They embody callowness, bigotry, and fatuousness of the highest degree. One day we won’t need them anymore, and we’re going to look back at you and laugh.

Joseph Frymire
JBN Director


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