“Biggest Loser” kicks-off today

“Biggest Loser” kicks-off today

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By: Kristina Canales

Students and members of the Student Recreation Center on campus will be eligible to enter the Texas A&M University-Kingsville  Fall 2011 Biggest Loser Program, Sept. 6-9.

The program will last 12 weeks, beginning Sept. 6 and ending on Nov. 3. Entry fee is $20.

Registration will be held in the Cardio/Weight Room of the SRC Monday-Friday from noon through 10  p.m. The entrant’s weight and percent body fat/body mass index will be documented.

“We want to help people set goals,” said Marc Heincke, Strength and Conditioning Coach at AMK. “Obesity is becoming more of an issue and this is to help people get active and have a good lifestyle, as well as help eliminate chances of diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

Participants will be able to schedule a one-on-one session with a personal trainer to get started, as well as attend exercise classes. A nutritionist will also be available to the participants in the program.

“The program is definitely something I’m interested in,” Amanda Cavazos, a freshman at AMK, said. “Over the summer I started working out a lot because I feared the ‘Freshman 15.’ I think it’s a great way to motivate students to begin a healthy lifestyle.”

Motivation is just the thing that Heincke was adamant about with this program.

“If there are ever any questions, we’ll be here,” he said. “I know it’s hard because usually people get discouraged and we’ll do our best to keep them motivated.”

The prizes for the top three male and female participants who lose the most weight (must be at least 10 pounds) will serve as extra encouragement.

“First prize for the top male and female is a $300 cash prize,”  Heincke said. Second prize is $100 cash, while third prize is a $50 gift card to the Bookstore.

According to Heincke, the Biggest Loser Program has been a previous success with 20 people signing up last fall and 25 signing up in the spring. Even more people are expected to sign up this semester.

“The goal is to keep doing it, so there will be another opportunity next semester,” said Heincke.

Mark Molina
Staff Writer