Album Review: Chiddy Bang “Breakfast”

Album Review: Chiddy Bang “Breakfast”

Chiddy Bang, the underground hip hop duo from Philadelphia, is at it again with their debut studio album, “Breakfast”.

There were high expectations that this album will live up to their past hits, like “Opposite of Adults”, which sampled MGMT’s single, “Kids.”  It’s safe to say that hip hop fans are not going to be disappointed with “Breakfast”.

Their singles, “Ray Charles” and “Mind Your Manners”, are two of the feel good songs on this album, but the album is deeper than just feel good songs with tracks like “Talking to Myself” and “Does She Love Me?”

Chiddy Bang found a way to stick to their formula while coming up with a new sound at the same time.

The album had a few samples on it, which they are known to do. “Handclaps & Guitars” samples Walk the Moon’s “Quesadilla”, and “Mind Your Manners” samples Icona Pop’s “Manners”.

Other than that, Chiddy Bang stuck to original beats, which were heavy on synthesizers and video game noises which made it childish, but in a pleasant way.

The beats were so catchy at some points that it was easy to overlook their witty lyrics. It is hard to tell whether the production of the music bested the lyricism or not, but that’s one of those “good problems”.

In all honesty, though “Breakfast” was a good album that was easy to listen to all the way through, it’s not groundbreaking. The style that Chiddy Bang has is a style that is found in other artists like Childish Gambino.

But it does provide hip hop fans with a new alternative to Drake and Tyga, who have come out with catchy, but heavily repetitive songs.

“Breakfast” should go over well with the fans, who are craving hip hop that isn’t just catchy, but has clever rhymes, too.

Fares Sabawi
Managing Editor