Book Review: Comedian Michael Ian Black’s new novel takes it to the...

Book Review: Comedian Michael Ian Black’s new novel takes it to the next level

Michael Ian Black is one of those comedians where guys wish to high five him while some girls want slap him across the face. In the end, he is only joking…or is he? Michael Ian Black is a comedian, actor, and writer. He is mostly known through his various television shows such as ‘Michael and Michael Have Issues’, ‘The State’, ‘Stella’, and VH1’s ‘I Love the…’ series. He wrote the screenplay for the film, ‘Run Fat Boy Run!’ and directed the film ‘Wedding Daze’. His first novel was published in 2008 called, ‘My Custom Van and 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays That Will Blow Your Mind all Over Your Face’. After spending one week as number seventeen on the ‘New York Times Bestseller List’, he gained more fans as well as followers on Twitter, another thing he has become famous for.
Black is now 40 years old and taking a different turn with his newest novel by making it a memoir of his life. After reading ‘You’re Not Doing it Right: Tales of Marriage, Sex, and Other Humiliations’ girls will want to hug him while guys can still have a good laugh. Readers still sense his crude and sarcastic humor with chapters like ‘F You Alan Alda’, ‘I Hate my Baby’, and ‘Pills and Booze’.  For fans, this book is nothing they expected. His last novel was filled with crazy and silly essays that were randomly put together. ‘You’re Not Doing It Right’, a title named after the sentence his wife told Black during their first their time smoking pot, depicts real life situations of his past in a serious, deep, and humorous way. Some situations include how he met his wife, having his children, and finding his calling as an actor then later a writer.
It even flows like a real novel unlike his other book. It is surprising how much it is like a novel with a story line using detailed descriptions, witty analogies, and its ability to keep readers turning the page.
The fact that it is different makes it good and not so good. It’s good through its realism while not so good because it’s not so Michael Ian Black. Maybe once we all get to the point where the view from over the hill has become clearer, we will begin to questions personal aspects of our lives also.
In the end, who could resist the sexy pose of him on the front cover that clearly states ‘he is a guy doing it right’? It’s an easy read that entertains and exposes the real life and funny mind of a D-list celebrity.