Whitney Houston mourning disingenuous?

Whitney Houston mourning disingenuous?

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Oh Whitney, “I will always love you”! “How will I know” how to move on? “I look to you” for comfort! I am just so sad!

Ooh, something shiny! Wait, did someone die or something?

It’s been a couple weeks now, and we’ve all pretty much forgotten Whitney Houston died. Did anyone ever really care?

Joan Benet Ramsey, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy – everyone stops what they’re doing to mourn, well, something. Is it talent? The person? Is it sympathy for the family? I don’t think it is any of those.

What we have here is a collective experience that we as a culture can all share. Did you hear Whitney Houston died? No way! How?

Look there, an instant connection is made with another person. Even if it is only for a minute, you’ve forged a tiny relationship with a human being. Maybe you’ll discuss it with your family, and it will lead to other, in-depth conversations.

Maybe it was suicide; what might lead a person to that point? Do you think she got back on the drugs after her album bombed? That Bobbie Brown is such an asshole!

Let’s not forget the more opportunistic among us either. Do you know they drove up the price of Houston’s albums on iTunes shortly following her death? They also took her movies off of Netflix to promote DVD sales. As that guy said in Jurassic Park as the raptor was about to chew his face off, “Clever girl.”

Some people just love being part of something big. Oh no, Whitney Houston died! It’s just so terrible. I don’t think I’ll be able to compose myself. I’m sad and disheveled in a way that is out of the ordinary. Look at me!

The death of a star is a collective cultural experience, for about five minutes.

Life moves pretty fast, are you still talking about Whitney’s death? I’d be surprised if you were. I’ve got shit to do, people to see, a life to lead; I don’t have time for this kumbaya, come together, sing-along experience for more than a week.

Whitney, some people will always love you, but sadly most people are just hangers-on. It is like watching videos of car wrecks on YouTube, it’s so terrible, but you just can’t look away!

So long Whitney Houston! Next?

Joseph Frymire
JBN Director


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