Exaclty how much rape is ‘too much’?

Exaclty how much rape is ‘too much’?

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There has always been a stigma associated with sexual assault in the military.
With the recent rise in women in the military, this stigma is growing and the data provided is proving it to be true.
The  military is spending $113 million to help victims of sexual assault.
However, Liz Trotta of Fox News (the station of conservative kooks) managed to say something more shocking than the numbers.
She said that “military women should expect to be raped” and complained about the spending, calling it wasteful and only a problem because women are being “raped too much.”
Exactly, how much rape is “too much” rape?
Anyone with a half a brain knows how insensitive this statement was and, more than that, how extremely sad it is to hear a woman of Trotta’s status speak so ill of those victims. Somehow, according to Trotta, they should have expected to be brutalized, since they are “in close quarters.”
We seem to have been unaware before Trotta’s pronouncement that when men and women are working together in close quarters, men turn into sexually charged monsters who cannot restrain themselves from raping the women in their unit who have their backs. Is Trotta saying that when women sign up to serve their country in the military, they are also signing up to be every male soldier’s sexual plaything? It’s in the fine print. Thank you for that grand piece of knowledge, Trotta.
The truth is, whether it’s the military or any other form of employment, there would be an outrage if women did  not have the same protection as men.
It is time for Trotta to pack up her things and leave the world of news reporting, because the desensitization she has suffered is far too great for us to keep on listening.
Fox News has enough problems with credibility as it is, but I doubt they’re ready to present a reality show disaster that people can’t stop looking at.
Or at least not yet.


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