Baptist student ministry to host art auction

Baptist student ministry to host art auction

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The Texas A&M University-Kingsville Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) will be hosting the art auction, “Picture This,” on Saturday, March 3. at 7 p.m.

The event will be held at the  Baptist Student Ministry at 720 North Armstrong St.

“All the money is going toward helping students go on mission trips all around the world,” said Jenni Boren, campus missionary.

“There’s a program called Go Now Missions, and they send students all across the globe, including right here in Texas.

All of the money will be going to help the students fundraise and get the support they need to be able to get to missions.” 

“Picture This” will be the first art auction hosted by the BSM.

“There was an event in Corpus Christi at Fellowship of Oso Creek,” Boren said. “They had pictures, art, and things to buy that could be auctioned off.

We thought that’d be a good idea to bring to Kingsville.”

The event will have food and music.

“The Worship Band from the BSM will be playing,”  Boren said.

The auction includes pictures, paintings, and drawings.

“There’s going to be table set up around the room and the art will be on the tables, and there will be a silent auction,” said Boren. “The auction sheets will start at seven, and it will be a silent auction throughout the night, and then at nine or 10 the auction closes. After that, everyone who had the highest bid, they will get their pieces of art that they bid on.”

The BSM is still accepting any donations for auction until Thursday, March 1.