Some Women date to fill their stomachs;not their hearts

Some Women date to fill their stomachs;not their hearts

This may look like an advertisement on a sugar daddy website, but this is a dating trend in which women go on dates for a free appetizer, entrée and dessert. The question is, how long has this trend been around? And what does it matter when men have been raised to take the bill?
It was the ‘50’s. Poodle skirts were hip and rock and roll was the devil’s music. Dating was the epitome of Friday nights. Guys would court the girls, and as long as they were home by 11 p.m., no harm was done. Teenage girls like Jane Smith and Jenelle Catcher went on dates with many guys and never once did they have to pay for a meal. They never bragged about how they didn’t have to pay; they just knew it was all about a man’s courtship.
But teenage girls in this generation have a different perspective on dating. Receiving a free meal from a guy that’s willing to take them out and save them a couple of bucks is the main motive for dating. Hunger seems to have taken over the traditionalism of dating.
Roman P. Smith, Sociology professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (AMK), asked students in his Human Sexuality class what constitutes a date. He was shocked to hear most of the girls say that a date depends on who pays for the meal.
“I don’t see anything wrong with it, but deception would be the only reason to think about what you’re doing,” Smith said.
Jane and Jenelle dated a lot in their teenage years. Guys took them dancing or to a movie and always paid for their dinner. “It was just the norm back in the day,” Jane Smith said, “I appreciated the chivalry.”
Jessica Bradbury, senior Agriculture Major at Sam Houston State University, not only appreciates the free meal, she also depends on it. Like Jane and Jenelle, Jessica is wealthy. Her father is a manager for the Texas Rangers. She doesn’t like to spend money on something she can get for free. That’s why she dates guys for a free full-course meal.
“I make sure I get a to-go box before I leave. The whole point is to have leftovers,” Bradbury said.
Bradbury isn’t alone on her quest to extinguish a growling stomach. Erica Learned, sophomore Communications Major at Texas State University, also admitted to going on dates just for a free meal.
“Every girl has either done it or has a friend who has done it. But if a guy asks me to go back to his place, I usually say that I’m too full and want to go home,” Learned said.
“I just don’t blame girls for going on dates for free food because guys expect to get something in return anyway,” said Bailey Killian, English Major at AMK.
Guys are not completely unaware of what’s going on. 21 year old San Antonio native, Jay Cabrera, has taken many girls out on dates, and he was aware that it wasn’t just because he is tall, dark, and handsome. But whatever the case, he was raised to always pay for the meal.
“That’s what dates are… I’ve taken chicks out, and I know they just use me for free food. As long as I get something in the end, I’m okay with it,” Cabrera said.
It is not just women who may have the intention to date for free food. But Smith believes that men would probably take the date farther than females. “He would probably have further intentions [sex],” Jane Smith said.
Jane Smith is now 69 years old. She and her husband, Jay Smith, raised their six boys to be gentlemen. They know that times have changed, but they believe that old-school trends still exist.
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a girl wanting a free meal. If the guy is stupid enough to take you out, then go for it,” Jay Smith said.


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