‘Syrian Massacre’ continues to escalate further

‘Syrian Massacre’ continues to escalate further

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Since I last wrote about Syria, the situation has only gotten worse.
Russia and China opted to veto the U.N. resolution that would have required Syrian president al-Assad to step down while a transitional government took over.
Russia then came out with an announcement that al-Assad has “promised” to bring an end to the bloodshed.
The very next day, al-Assad’s forces continued to attack Homs, using rockets to put down the districts with too much opposition.
Of course, al-Assad is the first to blame for all this violence. His regime has never allowed very much political opposition, and he is doing all he can to prevent what has happened in Egypt and Libya to happen to him.
However, Russia and China’s vetoes permitted all of this bloodshed to occur. If they had supported the U.N. resolution, this simply would not have happened.
Because of this, hundreds in Homs have died, including women and children. Reports suggest that al-Assad is targeting neighborhoods and other civilian areas as well.
This struggle has become more than a political issue, but a human rights issue as well.
Clearly, al-Assad is blinded by his unlimited power. This crisis will only get worse, and thousands of Syrians will suffer in the weeks to come unless Russia and China decide to change their minds.

Fares Sabawi
Managing Editor


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