Opinion: Mexico not ready for decriminalization

Opinion: Mexico not ready for decriminalization

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Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes recently stated, with crude hopes to reestablish Mexico given it’s downward spiral into corruption, that legalizing marijuana in his country could solve their problems.

A bold statement from our neighbor to the south’s finest writer who foresees that many things could actually turn out for the better. They’d have their agriculture back, more jobs, Cartels not trying to kill everyone in sight and all the while slowly rebuilding their infrastructure.

Perfect–if you’re living in one of Walt Disney’s cartoons, but let’s get real. We’re not. Despite the fact there are benefits from making this type of decision, Mexico has a much larger issue at hand they need to contain and legalizing marijuana is not it.

The fact of the matter is Mexico’s problem is not necessarily the abundance of marijuana in the country, or the importing of other drugs from surrounding islands and factions, but it’s the overall weak government.

Officials with power are allowing the Cartels to do as they please, move where they want, direct traffic into the United States (which by the way is the real consumer of these drugs) and even supply them with trained personnel.

Not only is the Mexican government at fault, but, in some way, the American government is at fault as well. We as a nation have acknowledged how broken Mexico is, but what have we done? We sit there, say “pobrecito, Mexico” and purchase more drugs.

It’s an endless cycle. Other countries are aware that the United States citizens love to have a good high as often as possible, so they ship their goods into Mexico and Mexico smuggles them into the States. It’s as easy as that.

The first thing Mexico needs to do is clean out their government and reestablish order, which is close to impossible now. Everyone’s so shady, it’s almost as though Calderon would have to single handedly pick him or her out. Which is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Also, Mexico’s military would need order as well to fight against the Cartels’ army and take back what’s theirs. Then again, how do you figure out who isn’t working for the Cartels?

It would be great to see Mexico come back and flourish as a tourist country with their beautiful land and incredible soccer teams, but legalizing marijuana is not the way to go–not yet anyway.

As mentioned before, legalizing it could actually bring the country back up to par economically, but this solution simply won’t work until they’ve cleared up the real problem.

Mexico’s only chance is to bring back that shift in power and take over their country. They’ve done it once and they can do it again, but only if they work together as a nation and not as scared civilians, corrupt government officials and a journalist fighting by himself for the sake of his homeland.

Jonathan Adams
Former Editor-in-Chief


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