Intramurals soccer set to kick off new season

Intramurals soccer set to kick off new season

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The teams are neck in neck. They constantly try to weave the ball through players, around players, into the goal. Their adrenaline is pumping, their minds racing. The ball makes it into the net….Goal!

The 2012 Texas A&M Kingsville Intramural Leagues is kicking off the week with its next sport: soccer. The captain’s meeting will be held tomorrow at 5 p.m. in the Steinke Physical Education Center in room 122.

“People need to make the captain’s meeting; otherwise they can’t play at all. As long as people come to the captain’s meeting, they’ll be fine. The meeting is crucial,” said Philip Compary, the Intramural Sports Director.

Teams must consist of seven players, and Co-Rec teams must have more females than males. Rosters are limited to a maximum of 14. And all players must wear shin guards.

Currently, there are four men’s teams and six Co-Rec teams signed up. Another four men’s teams are anticipated to join, said Compary.

“If someone were to show up to the meeting, even if they don’t have a team, they’d have until the 13th to assemble one,” said Compary.

Frank Garza