Is Russia prolonging syrian conflict?

Is Russia prolonging syrian conflict?

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Has Syrian president Bashar al-Assad learned nothing from the Arab Spring?
Ever since Tunisia overthrew their president peacefully, Middle Eastern countries have all been following suit.
Egypt, inspired by Tunisia, overthrew Hossni Mubarak, the reigning Egyptian president of Egypt for almost 30 years.
Soon after, Libyans endured a long and painful civil war to overthrow their dictator of 42 years, Muammar Gaddafi.
Now, the Syrian people are fighting for their freedom as well. Yet al-Assad is acting the same way as the ghosts of dictators past. He is violently putting down any opposition, hoping to silence the majority of the Syrian people just to stay in power.
Al-Assad is facing massive international pressure to step down. The UN is coming close to passing a resolution that would require al-Assad to step down to start the transition to a new Syrian government.
The only country standing in the way of this, however, is Russia. Russia has been an ally of Syria for years, and has promised to veto any resolution requiring a regime change.
Russia also has not halted any weapon deliveries since the conflict began, which is appalling for anyone who supports human rights.
Thousands have died in Syria, with the majority of them being unarmed protestors just trying to get the freedoms that every American has.
al-Assad will be removed by his own people sooner or later, especially with his refusal to end the violence.
So why doesn’t Russia align themselves on the right side of history by ending their support for someone who will undoubtedly go down in history as another tyrant of the Middle East?

Fares Sabawi
Managing Editor


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