The Start of Another Intramural League Season: Let the Games Begin!

The Start of Another Intramural League Season: Let the Games Begin!

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Duck in cover!  Take that flag! The intramural dodgeball and flag football leagues are starting up on September 6, but those wishing to form a team must submit an IMLeagues account before the 31 of August for dodgeball and the 6 of September for flag football.  Everyone is welcome to join, including faculty members, and the best part is…it’s free!

Setting up an IMLeagues account is as easy as pie. First, anyone wanting to play must create an account on either or and click “Create Account.” After entering your information, use your school email for the account and submit. You will then be sent an activation email, so click the link in the email to log in and activate your account. If you are not automatically joined to your school, search schools by clicking the “Schools” link. Also, anyone that created an account last year doesn’t need to do the process over again.

Signing up for an intramural sport is just as simple. Log into your account, click the “Create/Join Team” button or the “Texas A&M University-Kingsville” link, and you’ll be able to choose the sport you wish to join. You have three options for becoming part of the intramural league: make a team, join one, or queue yourself as a free agent. As a member of the Student Rec Center staff put it, “It’s like Facebook for sports.”

People that are interested in joining the dodgeball games are advised to join as soon as possible. The deadline is August 31st, and there is no late registration. The first captain’s meeting will be on the 31st at  the Student Rec Center lobby on the second floor, so make sure that somebody that represents the team can attend. After the first meeting, it will be decided how many games there will be and which teams will battle one another. The games will take place between the 7th and 8th of September at the Student Rec Center.

Teams must consist of six players, but the roster allows for a maximum of twelve people.  Every team will play the best two out of three games in order to advance.

As for those interested in flag football, be sure to register no later than five p.m. on September 6th. Also, when you click the “Flag Football” link on your IMLeagues account, you’ll need to choose which league you want to play in. There are three divisions: men, women, and Co-Rec. The Captain’s meeting will be on the 6th at five p.m. in the Steinke Physical Education Center in Room 122. Make sure a representative of the team can attend.

Teams for the flag football league must consist of seven players, but the roster allows for up to fourteen people to join. The Co-Rec team must have four of the seven members be female. Pre-season games will take place during the 7th and 8th of September and the season will begin on the 12th of September and last until the 13th of October. The games will take place at the Recreational Sports IM Fields.

Good luck to all those competing, and remember, when it comes down to it, we’re all Javelinas at heart, so don’t go out to win; go out to have fun, make friends, and make memories.