Graduate School : Is it worth the Investment?

Graduate School : Is it worth the Investment?

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In today’s market, more people are choosing to enroll in graduate school.
This decision in continuing higher education comes with how the job market is evolving. For example, more careers opening up require education higher than a what a bachelor’s degree gives.

The question is, with the cost of college increasing each year, is attending graduate school worth the price?

“In my experience, grad school was a great decision I made,” says Anissa Ybarra.

Ybarra holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, but received her master’s degree in Business Administration. Both degrees were earned from AMK.

“I currently work in the business field, so its not like I received a master’s degree and did not put it to use,” says Ybarra.

Higher education is a great thing if one uses it to their advantage. If a person works to earn a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree and does not put it to use, than that is a waste of time and money.

“After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I plan on pursuing my master’s degree, both in History and Spanish,” says Miguel Padron, a junior at AMK.

“I know  if I just stay with my Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate, it would be hard for me to go back to graduate school. I would just rather continue nonstop till I reach my ultimate goal. I think that now a days, having a master’s degree is an important thing that is looked on by most jobs,” says Padron.

“One thing I like about graduate school is most of the classes are in the evening, which benefits those who have families,” says Cindy Villarreal-Garcia, who also holds a master’s degree in business administration.

One of the changes to the College of Graduate Studies at AMK is the new Master’s Program in Business Administration. Instead of the traditional classroom environment, the new master’s program will be online.

“I know if this option were available back when I was in grad school, I would have benefited from it,” says Garcia. “I think it is a great change because it will now be easier for more people going for their master’s degree in business to earn their degree,” says Garcia.

Overall, the decision whether or not to attend grad school is left to each individual.

In my opinion, it is the best investment one can make. After all, education is the one thing no one can ever take from us.


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