The TAMUK Powerlifting Team won gold at the Collegiate National Championship on April 9th.

On April 7th through April 9th the team competed in San Antonio. Last year the team could not go to nationals due to financial problems, but with dedication the team had the opportunity to show off their skills this time around.

“It turned into a real nail biter,” stated Nicolas Recio, a contributing member of the team. Big schools like LSU, CAL State, West Point, Penn State, College Station, Ohio State, and OKC were present.

TAMUK and Ohio State actually tied for first place and the championship was down to a tiebreaker. At first the judges were going to award first place to the school who had more 1st place scores in individual events but the schools tied in that respect too. It finally came down to which school had the most 2nd place scores. The final tally was 44.011 vs 44.012. TAMUK Powerlifting team won by .001 of a point.

20 TAMUK students both male and female competed at the National competition. Out of those 20 students, 11 placed in individual weight classes. All three female students placed in consecutive order. Janelle Castillo placed 4th, Zavina Gonzalez 5th, and Carlee Straube 6th. For the men Enrique Lugo placed 1st, AJ Alvarez 2nd, TJ Soto 2nd, Fernando Flores 4th, LA Gonzalez 4th, Brandt Pilgram 7th, Matt Garcia 8th, and Nicolas Recio 8th.

The competition was described as fierce and pushed the team beyond their typical boundaries. Marta Recio, mother of Nicolas Recio stated that the competition “was exciting, but not easy to watch.”

1 Stop, a local gym and physical fitness center sponsors the TAMUK Powerlifting Team. The team arranged to regularly work out at the gym with no fees if the members would wear the 1 Stop logo at competitions and meets.