As simple college students, we have different priorities than other people. We are so busy it makes it hard for us to stay informed about current events, especially politics.
This past election year, Republican candidate Donald Trump won the election.
According to The Guardian, in his first 100 days, Trump is already on track to spend more money than the past president and vice president did in all eight years combined.
This is all taxpayers’ money that is being spent. In addition, Trump refuses to disclose his taxes, which is causing protests all over the country. Trump is accused of using many different legal ways to avoid paying taxes, which outrages Americans because he is imposing costs that he is not contributing to by avoiding paying taxes. One loophole he used was “legally dubious,” which was later outlawed by Congress. Trump potentially escaped paying tens of millions of dollars in federal personal income taxes. It is impossible to know for sure because he has declined to release his tax returns or even a summary of his returns.
In Berkeley, California, fights have been breaking out between protesters, leading to 12 arrests. Protesters in Washington, D.C. chanted “Donald Trump, we’re here to stay. This is bigger than Tax Day.” At the time of the inauguration, a claim of $37.4 million was filed to congress for reimbursement.
In New York City, about $500,000 a day is spent to protect Trump Tower, most of which is due to police working overtime. Trump has also maintained frequent visits to his resort in Florida,  called Mar-a-Lago. According to the Denver Post, Trump has already visited Mar-A-Lago seven times within the past two weeks. A conservative group calculated the total cost of $1 million per visit. Opposing parties estimate around $3 million per visit. According to Washington CNN, “Given variations in each trip, estimating the security costs around a presidential trip is difficult. But a 2016 Government Accountability Office report about a four-day trip Obama took to Florida in 2013 — one similar to Trump’s trips — found the total cost to the Secret Service and Coast Guard was $3.6 million.” Obama was estimated to have spent just under $97 million on travel during his presidency, which was reviewed by the Judicial Watch.

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