Shuttle Systems Introduced in Kingsville

Shuttle Systems Introduced in Kingsville

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by Emilio Flores

With a new year comes a new system of available use for Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Del Mar College students.

B&G Express and Kingsville Connection are new shuttle services available to students, effective August 24, 2011.

B&G Express will be the shuttle used on the AMK campus for students needing transportation around campus and the Kingsville community.

“Our main goal of the B&G Express is to provide riders with a safe and convenient means of transportation,” said Dr. Terisa Remelius, Vice President for Student Affairs.

“Another goal for this express is to allow riders to park their vehicles in more remote, less expensive lots without worrying about transportation to classes or office, and to provide our campus community with the means to shop and interact in the City of Kingsville,” said Remelius.

Many students are limited to where they can go for lack of vehicle ownership.

“I like the amenity for students who do not have a car like me can now have the option of having a shuttle taking us wherever we need to go whenever we need necessities,” says Laura Niemietz, a freshman at AMK.

The B&G Express shuttle schedule is as follows:
7 a.m. to Midnight-continuous shuttle service for the AMK campus
2 p.m. to 8 p.m.-shuttle services from the west side of the Memorial Student Building to a variety of locations in the City of Kingsville.

“The shuttles are wi-fi capable, ADA accessible, and are driven by trained, licensed drivers who have passed background checks and drug test,” said Remelius.

As most students saw, there is a charge of $20/semester, known as Transportation and Safety fee. Faculty and Staff wishing to use the B&G Express will be required to pay the $20 fee and will use their AMK ID cards to get access upon entry.

“It is a great service for students living on campus to use since finding parking is terrible to begin with,” said Fionne Wong, junior at AMK. “Once you move your car, forget about finding a spot when you get back to the school,” said Wong.

Another shuttle service making its debut is Kingsville Connection.
Similar to B&G Express, Kingsville Connection will offer same amenities, such as wi-fi, and is ADA compliant.

Kingsville Connection’s route goes from AMK to DMC.

“This shuttle will cost $4 for a one-way trip, or $8 round trip, between Del Mar College and AMK,” said Remelius.