What is YouTube like Today: Where is the Fair Use?


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  1. Great article! I’ve done a playthrough of Persona 5 adhering to Atlus USA’s “guidelines”, and it’s just so sad. I get so many private messages, emails, etc. asking why I have parts missing in-between, and why I can’t show later parts of the game (April 7th in-game is barely a third into the game).

    I used to write video game guides for popular companies that sold strategy guides, but with the rise of the Internet many of us were laid off. As technology grew, video walkthroughs have become extremely popular, and many of us writers have made the switch. I love solving puzzles in such games, finding optimal ways through levels and showing you in a video how to beat the game, rather than explaining it in a hundred-page strategy guide. People love my video walkthroughs and video guides. With environments that are difficult to explain, especially since Persona 5 is a “dungeon-crawler” game, people REALLY love video guides and walkthroughs.

    If you’re not someone who makes the videos or do streaming, you’re likely not familiar with Atlus’ guidelines. It just makes the company look so bad because people, my own viewers, even go as far as to think that the game itself is incomplete, due to the fact they cannot find the missing scenes online! Endings of the “palaces” are not allowed to be shown, for example, so many of my viewers actually saw a lot of build-up without any conclusion, and frankly, they’re very sad.

    Here’s the sad part. A lot of my viewers (especially the ones I personally contact) are even those who have had accidents and cannot physically play the video games themselves – they’re REALLY sad they can’t ever see the story of Persona 5. Can you imagine being a hardcore fan of SMT and Persona, you’ve played those games for so many years, a tragedy happened, a new game comes out that everybody is praising, and now there’s no way for you to ever see what happens?

    One such viewer told me such a tale, and I was practically bawling my eyes out, thinking of how awful that must be. He told me he was going to hire someone off of Craigslist to come to his house and play the game in front of him so that he could see the story because he was that much of a Persona fan. You can’t find any videos online of Persona 5 – nobody wants to risk their entire channel.

    Simply an amazing job Atlus, I simply don’t know what to say.

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