Column: Bishop Hall resident speaks out about concerns over safety

Column: Bishop Hall resident speaks out about concerns over safety

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Column by Leslie Villeda

When I moved down to attend my first semester at AMK I thought living in a new place was scary enough so the best option would be to live in the dorms on campus with people and security all around. What I didn’t count on was that the security offered would be insufficient and most of the people allowed in are unaccounted for.

There have been two incidents in Bishop Hall this year, the same hall I stay in. In the latest case, a young woman became the victim of “aggravated assault.” The events that took place transpired for hours. She was found in one of the bathrooms of Bishop Hall (a building in which residents of each wing have to share their facilities) 4 hours after the start of her attack. A bathroom, a bathroom where many people enter to use the facilities and an attack that was reportedly by 2 females and a male. And yet for hours no one entered the bathroom and noticed that this was happening?

Let’s pretend for a second that by some weird series of unfortunate events and improbabilities that is exactly what happened, wouldn’t we still be able to catch the perpetrators by reviewing the video footage of the building? Oh, that’s right, there are no cameras in the Bishop Hall room wings.

There are no cameras in the all-girl dorm hall where there is also a cafeteria therefore, making it the most accessible dorm hall on campus. I haven’t been here long enough to know about any past incidents that have occurred in Bishop Hall, what I do know is that two is too many and that’s just in my first semester.

How many incidents have to occur before some form of enforced security is implemented?

I came to college to learn in a safe environment where I don’t have to worry about creeps attacking me in my own dormitory. I can’t imagine that any on-campus resident wished differently.

I think that as residents we should take a stand and demand that something be done. Whether that is more UPD on campus, or something as simple as cameras in the halls of the dorms is up to the people in charge but something has to change.

Sure the university can’t control what happens to students off campus but they can take the measures needed to prevent crimes like these from happening and endangering students on campus.

Editor’s Note: This continues to be a developing story. The South Texan is dedicated to provided the Texas A&M University – Kingsville community, its students and their families informed of this incident and will continue to update as information comes in.

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