No new information in assault case

No new information in assault case

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Editor’s Note: This continues to be a developing story. The South Texan is dedicated to provided the Texas A&M University – Kingsville community, its students and their families informed of this incident and will continue to update as information comes in.

By Fares Sabawi


Three days after the aggravated kidnapping that took place in Bishop Hall, there has still been no new information introduced to the case.

Police say the victim, a 19-year-old freshman from San Benito, was tied to a shower stall at around 4 p.m. on Dec. 4. The assailants used her necklace to tie the victim’s hands together, while using her jacket to tie her to the bathroom stall.

The police report also stated that the victim stood silent for five hours reading notes posted in the stall that read “we told you not to go to class” and “we hate you”.

“The initial reaction was shock,” said Kirsten Compary, Dean of Students. “I’ve been working as either a student or  full time in higher education since 1990 and I’ve never heard of this happening in a residence hall.”

The University Police Department (UPD) has been investigating ever since, using the help and expertise of the Texas Rangers.

Police interviewed the victim again on Dec. 6,  but no new information came out of it.

“She has no clue why this could happen,” said UPD Chief Felipe Garza. “We’re still in the same position of not knowing  whether this was a random attack or whether she was targeted.”

So far, no students have given any clues as to who the suspects might be, putting the investigation at a dead end.

“I think it’s frustrating that we haven’t solved this yet,” said Compary. “We’re hoping that by spreading the word, people will come forward.”

“We’re not allowed the luxury of frustration, we just have to keep at it,” said Chief Garza. “It may not be forth coming  but maybe someone will remember something next week and come forward with that.”

Police reports say that the suspects are a male and two females. The only description given out was that one of the females is light complexioned, with long brown hair, and with a gray shirt and shorts.

Chief Garza stressed the importance of students with any information to notify police.

“It’s very important because it could happen to somebody else,” said Chief Garza. “Are these people targeting small people like this victim was, or are they just singling out people who are defenseless? We don’t need these kind of people on campus. It doesn’t make this place a healthy learning environment.”

If anyone has any information, they should contact UPD at 361-593-2611 or the Kingsville Crime Stoppers Hotline at 361-592-INFO.