Provost, program heads present IEP ideas

Provost, program heads present IEP ideas

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Texas A&M University-Kingsville administrators last week presented annual institutional effectiveness plans for campus, including new programs.

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Heidi Anderson led the academic presentation and noted suggestions made by hired consultants regarding undergraduate curriculum, graduation prerequisites and recording personal information in a campus-wide database.

Anderson noted a possible transition to using more reliant tools to administer undergraduate curriculum.

TAMUK’s goal is to increase graduation rates. Anderson, alongside the deans from each college, plan to develop an inter-strategic plan, which will assist in graduation retention. As of now, the average is 71 percent.

The group of educators is investing their time to see if facilities are efficient enough. The intent of promoting gateway courses will entice students to further pursue the university.

Over the next 18 months, TAMUK is planning to increase program offerings, such as joint degrees and prompt articulation agreements with surrounding institutions.

A restructure task-force team formed within the university reported supportive feedback in regards to expanding further by creating a health professions college. This addition will be targeted towards grooming physicians and nurse practitioners. Other topics moving forward include a PHD STEM program, new bachelor and master degree routes, and collaborations within TAMUK colleges.

“I’m not doing this to depress anybody.” These are the opening words that Raj Kurapati used to begin the fiscal discussion on the financial situation the university finds itself in. The quote is in reference to the current hiring freeze as well as the significant budget cuts the legislation ordered this last sessio

The projections of revenue for the 2017 year is around $179 million, the number has been adjusted to reflect the actual student enrollment for the year. “I will say that we have seen a massive growth in our student enrollment, and in fact that has a $1.3 million impact projecting to the end of the year.”

“We will be lucky to break even if we don’t take certain actions,” was Kurapati’s advice to the audience.The strategic investments that he proposed was moving merchandise production to our university instead of outsourcing it to foreign entities, hiring a contract manager, which he believes could be very difficult with the current hiring freeze.

The opportunities Kurapati discussed were implementing the new HELIOS system, an electronic human resource system. The new music building was briefly discussed during the financial breakdown, the money having been provided by the state in the last legislative session.

Dr. Walker presented on networking with current and past Javelinas. Javelina FANS is entwined with Texas A&M University-Kingsville Alumni Association. Where students learn how to be take part of the association and soon become leaders of the association after they graduate.

Goals are to increase alumni participating and gain more donors. Offer many volunteer opportunities for interested donors. Reach the orientation of the foundation trustees and enhancing the quality of the giving programs. Increase the assets and the support that comes to the university.