Female student assaulted at dorm

Female student assaulted at dorm

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Editor’s Note: This continues to be a developing story. The South Texan is dedicated to provided the Texas A&M University – Kingsville community, its students and their families informed of this incident and will continue to update as information comes in.

Story by Fares Sabawi

posted 12/5.  last updated 12/7

A 19 year-old female student from San Benito was victim of an aggravated kidnapping at around 9 p.m. on Dec. 4 in Bishop Hall, according to an email sent out by the university administrators and the University Police Department (UPD).


The initial draft of the police report states that at 4:00 p.m. the victim went to use the restroom on the second floor. A male and two females entered the bathroom while she was washing her hands.


Police said the assailants covered the victim’s face with an unknown fabric, and took off her sweater and necklace. With the necklace, the assailants tied her hands behind her back and used the sweater to tie her to the shower stall, while telling the victim that they hate her.


The initial police report also states that the assailants wrote several notes and stuck them to the shower stall, took the fabric off her face so she could read the notes, and left her tied up in the shower stall. One note read “we hate you” while another read “we told you not to go to class”.


Police said the victim stood silent for five hours because the assailants threatened to come back and hurt her if she called for help.


A resident adviser (RA) discovered her around 9 p.m. upon receiving a call that a male might be in the female restroom.


Redness was found on the victim’s wrists and neck.


According to the initial police report, the victim said the motive is unclear.


UPD Chief Felipe Garza said there has been no effort made to increase security on campus due to their small staff.


“We’re very limited on the staff we have at the university, so we just try to maintain our patrol rate,” said Garza. “We met with the Housing director to make sure that the RAs are on the alert.”


This case will stay with UPD, but with help from the Texas Rangers.


“We’re taking this complaint very seriously and are investigating this to the best of our ability,” said Garza. “We take our students’ safety seriously as does the rest of the university.”


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