Experiencing witchcraft

Experiencing witchcraft

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It was Saturday noon when my mother arrived home from a yard sale. She grabbed two black trash bag out of her car, and intrigued I asked her why she had two trash bags. She said she had arrived at the yard sale when the lady was picking up and had all her stuff was packed up in trash bags. She also said that the lady looked eager to get rid of her stuff and practically gave it to her for $2 dollars both bags.

Later that day my mother decided to look through the bags. She dumped out both trash bags and most of it was clothes but under all that clothes a book came out. The book was pitch black all over, and the word ‘witchcraft’ written on the front. I was too young to understand what that even was, and my mother didn’t understand English. She decided to skim the book, it was all English and my mother couldn’t recognize what it said. She came across a verse and she began to try to read it out loud, at the time she didn’t think anything of the book and tossed it back in her car.

That same night my mother was getting ready for bed and noticed from the corner of her eye a dark figure crawling on the ceiling. Frightened with fear she explained that she couldn’t move while the dark figure crawled towards her. She started reciting a prayer in her head in hopes that the figure would go away but it stood right above the bed and dropped down onto the side my father sleeps in. The bed sunk in and my mother kept reciting the prayer until she felt like she was safe.

My father works late shift and not knowing about the dark figure, slept on top of it. That morning my father awoke, he could not move and was very ill. He described it as being “too old to move” and stayed ill for the next two weeks going from doctor to doctor. After noticing no medicine could help him he stopped taking the pills prescribed to him and just laid in bed. Then after the two weeks he somehow got better again. My mother knew it had to have been that verse she recited from the book; she still didn’t know what the book was or what she read. But she did have this feeling that she was the cause for his illness.

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