In between April and May comes Earth Day

In between April and May comes Earth Day

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Texas A&M University-Kingsville observed its annual Earth Day Celebration in the pavilion by the Memorial Student Union Building, Friday, April 22.

This year’s event was put together by the Javelina Sustainability Organization, and attracted the attention of about 200.

The main focus of this year’s celebration was social justice, along with cultural and social sustainability.

In an age where climate change is present, and even fresh fruits and vegetables are subject to pesticides, Earth Day comes as an encouragement to steward our natural resources well.

This might begin with something as small as grasping the importance of taking the extra few minutes to recycle, they said.

With Earth Day in mind at TAMUK, many student and campus organizations were present, providing not only knowledge to students about different forms of sustainability, but also to share treats with the crowd.

Eli Twitty, recycling coordinator and a leader of the event, said:  “The purpose of the Earth Day celebration is to not only inform people about Earth Day, but also show more than recycling and see other aspects of sustainability.

It is more than wagging your finger and saying you need to recycle; it is finding ways to help them recycle.”

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists presented on aquifers and groundwater, talking about the ways in which groundwater can be polluted, along with the benefits of aquifers. In addition, the Geosciences Club explained what minerals and materials make up a simple pencil.

On a similar point, Kingsville Recycling informed attendees of the city’s recycling center, all while passing out pencils made up of old blue jeans.

Also making presentations were the International Students Organization, Career Services, Health and Wellness, the Student Government Association, the English Club, the American Nuclear Society and TAMUK National Organization for Women and SPECTRUM.

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