TAMUK Dean Receives Outstanding Educator Award

TAMUK Dean Receives Outstanding Educator Award

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Dr. Natalya Delcoure, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, has received the Outstanding Educator Award from the Federation of Business Disciplines. Delcoure received the award at the 2016 Conference of the Southwestern Finance Association, which is held together with the Annual Meeting of the Federation of Business Disciplines in Oklahoma City.

The Southwestern Finance Association’s goal is in advancing the academic and professional finance profession; it can boast an inclusion of members from all regions of the United States, as well as many in other nations across the globe.

As presenters of Delcoure’s award, the Federation of Business Disciplines is a successful nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that has developed into one of the largest and most prestigious annual meetings for business administration. It has both national and international professors to its claim.

For her part, Delcoure finds this reward to be a “nice surprise to be recognized for [my] work.” Further, she hopes that: “it will shine a light on the innovation of the College of Business Administration. Our faculty continue to be actively engaged inside and outside the classroom.”

The award is not her first laurel; Delcoure is truly a decorated person in her field. She has been Dean of the College of Business Administration at TAMUK since August of 2013. Before coming to Kingsville, she was an Associate Dean and Endowed Professor of Strategic Leadership at the Lucas Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University.

Delcoure has won numerous other awards, such as Researcher of the Year in 2002 and 2004, and Best Paper Award. Additionally, she has received the Distinguished Paper Award at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Conference. Delcoure provides the advice that: “regardless of the task, strive for excellence in all that you do. Quality of work will always outweigh quantity.”

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