Letter to the Editor: #JavelinaBLACK

Letter to the Editor: #JavelinaBLACK

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To the Editor of the South Texan:

As a third-year student on the campus of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, I have noticed a lack of two major things in the students that surround me day-to-day: character and leadership.

There are days when I become utterly dismayed and discouraged by the lack of care and compassion our students show to each other in their interactions. The absence of education and knowledge during this year’s Black History Month was a perfect opportunity to stimulate the thought of starting the movement #JavelinaBLACK.

It was a huge accomplishment, to my surprise; and suddenly, everything clicked. We, as students, need to develop togetherness with one another. In turn, this will enhance leadership and character on our campus.

Now, don’t get me wrong. #JavelinaBLACK was a movement initially pressed toward the encouragement of education and knowledge of Black History Month. As a minority on the campus, we as a “race” (because I honestly do not believe in such a word) cannot sit back and blame the carelessness of others as a means to our “pitfalls.” We (as mankind) are far better than that. I wanted people to sense a feeling of personal responsibility when things don’t go “according to the plan.”

We can ultimately decide to educate ourselves, and others. We can bring people together with the one thing that can never be taken away from us—knowledge.

In knowledge, you can find ways to effectively lead, and concurrently, build your character. That’s what our university needs.

If each person affiliated with TAMUK would take time to effectively work on and fix those two things, we would be far better than a university. We would be a family, a network of students who are not only obtaining their education to succeed in their careers, but people who are changing the definition of society—becoming the great leaders and thinkers of this world.

Be on the lookout for the next movement of Javelina Nation. Next time, it will be big!


Whitney Fakolade


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