3-on-3 intramural Basketball kicks off next week.

3-on-3 intramural Basketball kicks off next week.

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By: Frank Garza

The 3-on-3 Basketball Intramural season starts on November 28th and ends on December 1st. Entries for participants will be due on the 28th by 5 p.m. Teams must consist of three players, however, rosters are limited to six players maximum. There will only be two divisions: men’s and women’s.

Anyone interested will need to go to IMLeagues.com to create an account. By signing up with the TAMUK e-mail, participants will be taken directly to their school’s IMLeagues webpage.

Games will start at 7 p.m. and end at 11. All games will play to either twenty-one points or thirty minutes. Baskets will be counted for one or two points.  It is possible for up to sixteen games to be played at once, said Philip Compary, the Intramural Sports Director.

“This is a nice change from last year. It used to be that games would go up to fifteen points or last twenty minutes, but all shots would only count a point. With the new rules, the games can go by more quickly,” said Compary.

Games will be played at the Student Rec Center. The Captain’s Meeting will also take place at the Rec on the 2nd floor lobby at 5 p.m. on November 28th, the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Teams must send a representative to the meeting in order to play.