Honors College approve new constitution

Honors College approve new constitution

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by: Frank Garza

The Honors Constitution was voted on this Wednesday, November 16th. Out of the forty votes that were cast, thirty-nine said yes, making the document official. The Honors College is not a student organization yet, but the paperwork for that will be done next semester.

“We’re an organization, but we’re still not an official student organization because we have to file to paperwork with the Student Government Association. We’re an academic organization as opposed to a student club. We needed a constitution to file to become an official organization,” said Sue Nichols, the Honors College Advisor.

The Constitution had only needed a few revisions, and it had been reviewed at four separate meetings. Then Dr. Guerrero, the Dean of the Honors College, signed her approval after a few word changes, said Nichols.

“A few interesting questions came up about the Constitution. One of them was whether attending events, the optional ones people are invited to, count for the active student membership. It made sense that it was something that could be considered an event,” said Nichols.

The Constitution will always be revisable, so as issues come up, the Constitution will be improved to suit the needs of the growing Honors College. Questions will be asked on Facebook by the Executive Council every so often, said Nichols.

“The students that worked on this worked really hard, and it was a good joint effort,” said Nichols.