Alums take down Javelinas in scrimmage baseball game

Alums take down Javelinas in scrimmage baseball game

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Kingsville, Tx

After going 1-3 in their first week of play, the Javelina baseball team took a break from Division II competetion to play a more casual game versus past Javelina baseball alums. The result was an 9-4 win in favor of the alumni

The day’s festivities began with the ring ceremony for the 2015 Lone Star Conference baseball champion Javelinas. they went 29-23 and 23-12 in conference play.

“Anytime you have a championship ring ceremony and somebody presents you with a championship ring, it’s a very special day. It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work and sacrifice”, Coach Jason Gonzalez said.

The game began quietly for the first two innings. The alums struck first in the third inning with an RBI single that brought Dustin Aguilar home.

Brady Bippert responded for the Javelinas with a leadoff double. Miles Holcomb would later plate him on a fielder’s choice. Bippert would finish the day 3-4 with two singles and a double.

The Javelinas opened it up in the fifth with a Tim Gleinser RBI single and an Alex Gonzalez RBI double gave them the 3-2 lead.

In the sixth inning Adrian Williams knotted it up with a gapper to right. The Alums took the lead on a line drive two RBI triple that put them up 5-3. From their they never looked back, tacking on a couple more runs in the seventh and eighth to give them the 9-3 lead.

Gleinser chipped away at the alum lead in the eight with an RBI and the Javelnas would load the bases in the ninth, though nothing came of it as they fell short.

“We let a bunch of old guys in shorts beat us around, so we’re a little disappointed”, Jason Gonzalez said.

Denver Dieffenbach, a member of the 2014 LSC Championship team confounded Javelina batters in his one inning of work, but he had nothing positive to say about the younger players, “We put it on them well, but they showed some fight and everything. I’m sure Coach Gonzalez is leading the pack and a couple of really good seniors with rings under their belt, I think they’re going to be just fine.”

The Javelinas will play the Texas A&M International Dustdevils next weekend at Nolan Ryan Field here in Kingsville