Super Bowl 50 Recap

Super Bowl 50 Recap

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Broncos all smiles after big win in Super Bowl 50

By Bobby Puentes

Sports Writing Class

The Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl 50 champions after beating the Carolina Panthers, 24-10, and the smile on the players from legendary quarterback Peyton Manning to unstoppable linebacker Von Morris told the story.

The Broncos were all smiles on the sidelines as the last seconds ticked off on the game clock, and the new Super Bowl champs rushed onto the field after head coach Gary Kubiac got doused with the traditional Gatorade bath.

“Before this game my name was Emanuel Sanders now it’s Super Bowl champ     Emanuel Sanders,” the Broncos wide receiver boasted among a sea of confetti and deafening roar from the crowd. “Denver we coming home baby. Get the parade ready.”

It was Sanders who started the official Super Bowl 50 snap chat story.

Miller was the game’s MVP but still did not forget about his defensive teammates

“If I could cut this award, I would give it to Demarcus [Ware] and Derek Wolfe and all the other guys,” he said. “That’s what I would do. This is all great and stuff, but for me, I want to be with my guys.”

While the defensive players definitely were the stars of Super Bowl 50, Manning also had his moment of glory as he won his 200th game and claimed his second Super Bowl trophy in spite of a season filled with adversity and injury. The five-time league MVP, however, could not hide his pride or his happiness. “I have a couple priorities. First I wanna go kiss my wife and kiss my kids hug my family…..and, I’m gonna drink a lot of Budweiser tonight.”

Denver head coach Gary Kubiac with his first NFL championship in his resume was more than happy for Manning with Kubiac coming from Sports Illustrated

“I told him how proud I was of him. I could sit here all night and tell you the meetings he and I went through over the course of the last 10 weeks when he was injured, working his way back, battling his way back for the football team and he comes back and leads this group at the end, you know it was very special for him to be a part of,” Kubiac said.

This brings an end to another fairy tale season for the Denver Broncos who now have three Super Bowl championships to their credit. But Denver’s the future is unclear.

There are free agents like Morris who still have to be signed and kept. And, the main question remains if Manning is done with his career and riding off into the sunset or is coming back to grind it out for one more season behind that dominating force of a defense.

For now, everything is super for the Denver Broncos.

Carolina will be dabbing some tears

By Jared Mosely

Sportswriting Class

Looks likes the only thing  the Carolina Panther dabbing is tears after enduring a rough 24-10 Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos. Neither offense put up mind-blowing numbers, which made the game truly a defensive battle. This game had no 100-yd rushers or receivers – only bruising defense.

Denver’s defense shut down Cam Newton the league’s MVP, sacking him 10 times. Broncos Linebacker Von Miller, who won MVP of the game, had a performance that was beyond dominant. Miller had 2.5 sacks, 6 tackles and two forced fumbles.

One of those fumbles came late in the first quarter when Denver had Carolina pinned deep against their own end zone. Miller erupted off the edge barreling down on Newton, sacking him and forcing a fumble that was picked up by Denver for a touchdown. After that play Carolina could not get anything going offensively.

Newton was 18 for 41 passing for only 265 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. Carolina running back Jonathan Stewart rushed 12 times for 29 yards. As for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who may possibly get to enjoy the fairy-tale ending and his retirement decision still pending, Manning didn’t have quite the night many expected to cap off a spectacular career.

Manning who was also sacked 5 times went 13 for 23 of 141 yards throwing, and threw an interception. Manning didn’t put up picturesque numbers last night but he was able to move his team into field-goal range when it mattered, which was a lot more than Carolina was able to do. Carolina’s two scores came on a four-minute and fifty second scoring drive ending with a 1-yard plunge from Stewart and a field goal from Gram Gano.

The Panthers had two costly miscues on special teams. Carolina gave up a 61-yard punt return to Jordan Norwood (which was also the longest in Super Bowl history). Panthers players came down field unsure of whether to tackle Norwood or let him run. Norwood found a 61-yard answer to Carolina’s mistake. The return set up a Broncos score a few plays later. Also place kicker Gram Gano missed a field goal off to the right upright on fourth down giving Denver good field position.

The game went on with Denver’s defense punishing Cam Newton and not letting the electric Carolina offense get going. The defensive secondary hardly allowed Carolina receivers to get open while the front seven stuffed the Carolina run game. Denver’s run game was held in check as well, but running back C.J Anderson had a game long run of 34-yards. He finished with 90 yards rushing.

Appropriately, he game ended on a couple of incomplete passes from Cam Newton who just couldn’t evade Denver’s strong defensive pressure.

As the clock expired, Denver’s Von Miller and Demarcus Ware doused head coach Gary Kubiak with Gatorade. Game Over.


Now that Super Bowl is over, all we have is the memories – of the ads

By Gilbert Prado

Sports Writing Class

The Super Bowl hype is finally behind us; the Broncos triumphed over the Panthers; what is there to talk about?

Let’s not forget that with the Super Bowl comes some amazing commercials both funny and moving and the 50th edition of the Super Bowl broadcast had some good and some not so good commercials to enjoy.

In the USA Today Ad Meter, the top rated commercial was Hyundai’s “First Date” with Kevin Hart chasing after his daughter’s boyfriend. Hyundai’s decision to cast Kevin Hart as the role of the “overprotective father” was genius and of course very comical. It showcased the car’s features of being able to track it from your mobile device, just what a father wants. But, Hart then goes on a montage of stalking his daughter during her date.

I guess you can say the Doritos “baby” commercial was pretty cheesy, or at least it was funnier than this joke. The commercial opens with a woman reviewing a sonogram, and she’s not very happy that her husband is eating Doritos at the time. But the baby sure didn’t care. In fact he wanted those Doritos and started moving in the womb wherever his father seemed to go with the bag. Of course, there’s a scream and the baby (we think) popped out of the womb just to get those Doritos. Funny? Maybe some women didn’t like that take on some of the most-loved chips in American and certainly a favorite during Super Bowl.

The funny commercials weren’t the only ones to receive praise though. Colgate’s commercial on water conservation was very moving. The commercial opens with just a man brushing his teeth nothing out of the ordinary. Then we are informed that leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth wastes gallons of water. Gallons of water that many people in other countries don’t have – so, turn off the faucet.

But one thing we can’t turn off is some of those commercials. Like other commercials in other Super Bowls, they will become iconic and part of American television lore. Oh, for good measure this year, the Budweiser Clydesdales were back. Good touch on the 50th Super Bowl.

Celebrity visitors from Super Bowl 50

By Jake Gonzalez

Sports Writing Class

America wasn’t prepared for so much stardom at the Super Bowl 50 stadium as several; A-list stars were present to enjoy the festivities.

The pregame ceremony included past Super Bowl MVPs, a Grammy-award winning performer and Academy Award winner presenting the national anthem were present to kick off the show. The National Anthem – sung by none other than the talented Lady Gaga wearing red, white and blue to show her patriotic side of her style – opened up the show and from there on it was a star-studded event.

The halftime show was filled with color celebrating love and showcasing the black lives matter movement by the queen herself, Beyoncé.

While the majority of the American population is watching the game as civilians, our favorite celebrities join in on the fun! The show kick started in the early evening before the game was initiated with surprise guests.

In honor of the 50th Super Bowl, the pregame ceremony started with the announcement of thirty-nine out of forty-three previous Super Bowl Most Valuable Players. Two players stood out as they could not make it to the actual ceremony they were shown via video. Those two legends include Bart Starr (MVP of Super Bowl I and II) and Chuck Howley (MVP of Super Bowl V). Peyton Manning was shown in the locker room preparing for the game and was shown via video as well.

The National Anthem was next on schedule performed by six-time Grammy winner, Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee, Lady Gaga. For special needs purposes, Academy award winner Marlee Matlin signed in American Sign Language for our viewers watching at home and who are present at the game.

Those in the audience present included many A-list actors and actresses, athletes, and today’s hottest musicians. A list actors and actresses included happily married couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Usher was one of the many artists present for Super Bowl fun. Basketball player Stephan Curry was present to show support for the Carolina Panthers. Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce performed the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show.


Cam Newton takes loss hard

By Kaina Martinez

Sports Writing Class

It is not easy taking a loss when one is expected to win, nor is it easy to take a loss when one expects a higher performance from oneself.

For Caroline Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton that feeling became all too real after his team lost Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos, 24-10.

Newton, who was selected as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player one day prior to the big game, was almost mute in the losers’ locker room and was not happy at all during the post-game press conference. He didn’t answer questions and looking totally dejected.

Newton was humble enough to say, fighting back tears, “They played a better game.”

While some people can face the music before the heat goes on, not so many can face it after the heat goes out.  For Newton the loss was so heart -wrenching that he walked out three minutes through his interview. It was evident he was totally disappointed, but walking off may well leave an ugly taste to those who follow the National Football League.

Newton did not go to Super Bowl 50 to lose, but there is a need to handle losing gracefully.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera did just that. He was graceful and well-mannered in handling his interview after the loss.  He was not afraid to give credit where credit due.

“(The Broncos) took advantage of opportunities that we did not do,” he said, but still in a very somber mood indicating his disappointment. “They are also the same team that lost their last Super Bowl and here they are, they made it, they played a heck of a game.”

One good thing in Newton’s post=game attitude was that he was gracious enough to go find Payton Manning on the field and congratulate him after the game.  For now Newton seems to have some growing up to do, but he will be back.

With a coach like Rivera, the Panthers will take this opportunity to reflect and work their way back into the ultimate championship in America’s top sport – football. As for Newton, he needs to get over this loss quickly.


The Big Play

By Raul Altamirano

Sports Writing Class

With 4:16 left to play in Super Bowl 50, the Panthers were down six points and needed to make a big play if they were to have any chance of catching the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

But again, attributing to his well deserving MVP performance, Denver linebacker Von Miller broke through the outmatched Caroline offensive line and stripped the ball out of Carolina quarterback Cam Newton’s hand and, it was over.

The ball tumbled and rolled across the ground with the Panthers missing at least two chances to recover it. Denver’s T.J. Ward eventually scooped the ball up at the four-yard- line, putting the Broncos back in possession. He then effortlessly strutted towards the goal line putting the final nail in the coffin for the Panthers.


No. 2 defeats No. 1 as Miller gets MVP

By Sasha Sandoval

Sports Writing Class

Von Miller, Denver’s unstoppable linebacker, took home the Most Valuable Player award after a sterling performance in the Broncos 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers during Super Bowl 50, Sunday.

Miller, The No. 2 overall pick in 2011 behind Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, was simply dominant and helped the tenacious Denver defense dominate the Carolina Panthers No. 1 scoring offense. The Broncos silenced league MVP Cam Newton to 45 yards rushing and allowed him to complete only 18 of 21 passes for 265 yards. They continually harassed Newton who was left in near tears by the end of game.

Miller finished the game with 6 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles but his speed and power were evident throughout the game. Early in the first quarter he was responsible for Denver’s first touchdown when he asked Newton near the goal line and Denver’s Jackson recovered in the end zone.

Miller’s speed was unstoppable when it came to stopping Newton and the Panther’s ofeense. He had several big plays, not bigger than when he again stripped Newton to force fumble with just minutes left in game..

“If I could cut this award, I would give it to Demarcus Ware and Derek Wolfe and all the other guys (on defense),” Miller said. “That’s what I would do. This is all great and stuff, but for me, I want to be with my guys.”

Super Bowl 50 Halftime a star-studded event

By Raquel Espinoza

Sports Writing Class

Super Bowl 50 could have given us the perfect trifecta of pop, r&b and soul, but ultimately it did not mash up as well as it intended to.

Despite the headline act being Brit band, Coldplay, the Super Bowl half time show was completely stolen by none other than Queen Bey and Bruno Mars.

Front man of Coldplay, Chris Martin, opened with the bands big hit Viva La Vida they were  accompanied by the talented Gustavo Dudamel’s Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles but they were completely drowned out by the sounds of the crowd. 

Chris knew he could not compete with his two guests and their dancing, he chose to keep to the bands more natural performance. 

Had it been a different event such as the Grammy’s perhaps it would have been more enjoyable, but he was more concerned with the general experience of the audience. To say Bruno Mars and Beyonce saved to the show may be a bit of an understatement, which is hard for me to say because, I am such a massive fan of Coldplay.

Super Bowl halftime veteran Bruno Mars soulfully preformed his chart topping hit Uptown Funk which was expected and was joined by Mark Ronson.

Beyonce preformed her newest hit that was released just a day before the Halftime show, Formation. To close out the show Chris Martin played “Fix You”  while a montage of the past half time shows was played on the big screen. By the end of the performance the stadium was filled with color as the crowd held up  signs that read “believe in love”.

The thing about Coldplay is you either like them or you dont they have a style that is unique, but to say they are not talented is out of the question. Their 8 Grammys are merely indicators to their many years of success in the industry. I guess it just seemed like a bit of a let down because you would expect the 50th Super Bowl halftime show to be filled with showmanship  it should have been the biggest and best yet.

A Not So Super Super Bowl Feeling

By Plasarae Johnson

Sports Writing Class

Normally, every year I look forward to the Super Bowl. Not that I didn’t look forward to it this year, but it was different.

Each year for the Super Bowl, my family and I get together and celebrate the event with a party. It is, as they say, a family tradition. We all show up in my Arizona home and have a good time catching up, eating, enjoying each other’s company and watching the Super Bowl.

This year was different. This year I am in Texas and they were in Arizona. They had the Super Bowl Party without me. I am away in college. College is a very important time in life with a variety of experiences. While being in college is positive, being away from my family on this occasion, made me sad. But, there were other feelings as well.

I felt a little disappointed, because I could not enjoy the food, fun and family chats as I normally did when I was home. Of course, I still enjoyed the game, but it just won’t be the same.

The other feeling I got was acceptance. I now realize that for the next couple of years while I’m getting my education, I will miss several family events. That’s a positive, because I’m growing up and have left the family nest in the process.

I am planning to attain my bachelor’s degree in journalism. That is at least three more semesters for me… which means at least one more Super bowl I’ll spend alone.

I have just learned to wrap my mind around it, because I am away for a greater cause. I know my family will always be there for me.

Last but not least, there is a feeling of satisfaction.

There’s satisfaction because it’s not a terrible reason why I am missed valuable family time. I am somewhat satisfied because I am getting “me” time. I am working on myself, becoming a better athlete, experiencing life on my own, traveling, and getting a degree at the same time! It isn’t like I’m away in a life disrupting crisis. What I am doing right now here at Texas A&M University-Kingsville is making me and my life better. And, I know there will be other opportunities to enjoy family time.

I’m sure you are wondering what it is that is so special or what do we do at our Super Bowl Party? As I have mentioned before, there’s lots of food. There is a lot of family time spent preparing food and enjoying the food together. We always have fun whether it is cooking, grilling, or baking. Sometimes we play cards or dominoes. We even sing and dance. Ah, of course, you can’t forget the laughing until you cry, the storytelling, the crazy memories, and gut-busting jokes.

I am sure that we will be having a get together when I am back in town in Arizona, just for the fun of it.