Facebook “Unfriend” plan backfires for late night talk host Kimmel, makes AMK...

Facebook “Unfriend” plan backfires for late night talk host Kimmel, makes AMK student into local celebrity

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by Fares Sabawi

image by: Eddie Hinojosa

National “Unfriend” Day isn’t exactly working out as it was supposed to for Eric Deacon.
Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live began “National ‘Unfriend’ Day” so people would remove those Facebook friends that just seem to post too much.

Of course, Kimmel needed examples, and one of his turned out to be none other than Deacon, (see video), a grad student at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

“I was a friend on Kimmel’s page, they gave an opportunity to be on the show,” said Deacon. “They chose 10 out of around 800,000 and I happened to be one of them.”

Needless to say, this mention made Deacon an instant celebrity.

“I’ve done a lot of interviews from just about every city, and different countries too,” said Deacon.

Deacon, who had 508 friends at the time of Kimmel’s mention, now has over 1300 friends on Facebook.

Local businesses have also seemed to reap the rewards of Deacon’s new found fame and are showing their gratitude. Local restaurant Big House Burgers even offered Deacon a gift card for free food after posting on their Facebook page that phones had been ringing non-stop since the Kimmel mention.

So what is Deacon to do with all these new friends? Interestingly enough, Deacon hopes they follow the spirit of “National ‘Unfriend’ Day.”

“I hope most people know that they’re supposed to unfriend me, after this blows over,” said Deacon. “But if not, at least I’ll have a lot of new friends.”


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