Improv Comedy Based on Real Life Stories

Improv Comedy Based on Real Life Stories

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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company evening of Improv Comedy last Thursday in ballroom A of the Memorial Student Union Building.

Four comics, Joe Wengert, Betsey Sodaro, Tricia McAlpin, and Neil Campbell entertained the students with a two-part show consisting of acting out scenes based on a student they interviewed then and there, as well as acting out various text messages audience members yelled out.

“It was really, really good,” said Niki Arevalo, computer engineering major. “I was laughing the whole time.”

The show produced many laughs, as the comics were able to draw on the real-life experiences of the audience.

“They have a highly active imagination,” added Richard Almaraz, English major, “to produce all those.”

The comics all started out by taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade, which has produced comics we know today like Amy Poehler and Ed Helms.

“I studied in college and have just always loved it,” said Wengert.

Out of the four comics, Campbell has been involved the longest—he has done sketch comedy for eleven years, and spent six years doing improv.

“I mean you can really do both,” said Campbell. “It’s fun to collaborate with others and just by funny.”

Sodaro, who has only been involved with the company for five years, added that it’s just always a great time since they do spend so much time together—traveling to various places by bus or planes, etc.

This was the first time the four of them had traveled to Texas and they had nothing but good things to say about their first experience.

“I love all the ranches,” said McAlpin. “It’s great because we get to go to areas we might never get to see.”

The touring company has theatres in Los Angeles and New York and to get more information you can visit their website,

By: Kristina Canales