New Dormitories Offers a Comfortable Atmosphere

New Dormitories Offers a Comfortable Atmosphere

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By Jennifer Crist

AMK students celebrated the opening of the new dormitories in Honors College Mesquite Village West Friday morning.

The new dormitories were reserved for Honors College students and the remaining rooms were offered to seniors.  Roughly 90 to 100 Honors College students reside in Mesquite Village West. The remaining rooms are occupied by upperclassmen.

“Parents and students seem to be happy with the new dormitories,” said Tom Martin, Director of Residence Life.

The first floor contains study rooms and dormitories for Honors College students. Upperclassmen reside on the second and third floors.

“It’s really quiet. You don’t hear anything,” said Amber Perry, Biomedical Science Major.

University Village has had a few noise complaints, but the Honors College dormitories have yet to receive any complaints from students.

“Most of the freshman have been very good with following the rules,” said Ryan Mohus, Resident Advisor.

Mesquite Village West received a warm welcome from new students and faculty of AMK. Its grand opening was a fresh start to a new year for Honors College.