When you wish upon a pageant star

When you wish upon a pageant star

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Kristen Danielle Garza Hake has made pageantry a big part of her life.
Kristen Danielle Garza Hake has made pageantry a big part of her life.

Fancy dresses, tiaras, and big smiles. This is the new life for Texas A&M University Kingsville’s very own freshman student, Kristen Danielle Garza Hake.

A place where all your dreams come true, Hake may have her dreams come true at the USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant in Disney World.

Hake has made pageantry a big part of her life in the beginning of her high school years.

“I did my first pageant when I was a sophomore in high school,” Hake said. “I wanted to start because most of the girls I went to modeling with had been doing pageants since they were tiny and it looked really fun. After I did one, I was hooked! I’ve competing ever since,” Hake said.

Since she has begun pageantry, Hake has been quite a success and gained many titles that would take the average young girl years to accomplish.

They include, Miss Spirit of Hope 2013 Teen, Miss Winter wonderland 2014, Miss Spirit of Hope 2014, Miss RGV Liberty Belle 2014, Miss Kingsville Premiere 2015, and now Miss South Texas National Miss. She has also been named Rising Star Coverall and Miss Congeniality and Directors choice.

“In my time competing there’s only been one pageant where I didn’t come home with any title which was Miss Hidalgo County. At that pageant I got 1st runner up and even I was shocked because that same morning pageant, I actually had got the stomach flu,” Hake said. “My mom turned into a crazy that pageant mother and basically told me I don’t spend all this money for you to quit or lose, so I still competed,” Hake said.

Hake won the Miss South Texas National Miss, which qualified her to compete in nationals. To apply for the USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant she needed to compete in the Texas Pageant.

“It wasn’t really anything different then a normal pageant,” Hake said. “I still trained and dieted, but the only things that were really different for me were that for Interview, we couldn’t wear suits and instead had to wear a dress that reflected our personality,” Hake said. “

This will be the first time Hake goes to Disney World and is excited for all of what the pageant has to offer.

“It’s honestly so surreal,” Hake said. “To know that, not only get to go to Disney World for the first time, but I also get to meet girls from all over as well as be judged by a former Miss America and possibly be awarded so much in scholarship money is a dream come true.”

When Hake first decided to go for the pageant she was just aiming to become a delegate, but gained more than she expected.

“My goals going into state was just to hopefully be able to become a delegate, but now that I’ve signed my paperwork and its official, my goal is to not only win but portray the role that delegates are expected to be, and to be a role model that I want my kids to look up to someday,” Hake said.

When participating in many pageants, not only does Hake recognize many of her fellow contestants, but has also gained many life long friendships with them along the way.

“Another amazing thing about national miss is that we all have competed together for many years, so nationals together is going to be amazing,” Hake said. “Brianna, Cassanda, Carina Kristen, Lyzette, Emerald, and Juanita are all like my little sisters. I love all of them so competing together is going be fabulous.”

Along with the responsibilities of a contestant for many pageants and a college student, Hake is also President of Coalition for Political and Social Justice, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, and is currently running for SGA.

Hake doesn’t want to stop the life of pageantry too soon and even after she can’t compete.

“I do see my future in pageantry for sure, and I want to be able to compete at Miss Texas and at Miss Texas USA,” Hake said. “Above that, I do want to continue pageant coaching, judging, and emceeing. My goal in pageantry is really just to show people that there’s more to me than just a pretty face and to become a good role model.”

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