Is it really worth the time to get Kylie Jenner lips?

Is it really worth the time to get Kylie Jenner lips?

Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner is not only famous for her family “royalty” but she is famous for her “perfect” ideas for fashion trends. Just recently, social media has been blowing up with #TheKylieJennerLipsChallenge.

Where girls from all over the world attempt to pursue the lips of Kylie Jenner by suctioning their lips into a glass. Which then makes their lips fuller, and have the allusion of liposuction.

Is it really worth the time and even the risk of serious damage? You would think it would just be a waste of time and nothing bad could possibly happen.

This however has been strongly proven that it can go wrong, very wrong. According to, 21 people have proven this, they tried and miserably failed the challenge with horrible lip infections.

The end result is bruised and a lip infection. One guy that goes by the name lookthisnuggets on Instagram even posted that he failed the challenge worse than anyone.

The shot glass shattered over his lips slicing his top lip in half.

After seeing these horrific photos, which if you haven’t seen, you really should.

Before you consider seriously injuring yourself. Is it worth the time to look like you have fuller lips and injure yourself?

Might as well do yourself a favor and just buy some lip-gloss for a few bucks, that can make your lips  full and not bruised and sliced in half. You could even use lip liner to make the illusion of fuller lips.

There are safer ways to attempt this look everybody. Lets not split any more lips. Stay safe and away from glass.