New Crown, New Face, New Reign

New Crown, New Face, New Reign

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Photo by Thalia PerezA new queen has been crowned to represent the university.

Carson Alsop won the title of Miss TAMUK 2015 at the Miss TAMUK Scholarship Pageant at Texas A&M University – Kingsville in Jones Auditorium, April 11.

“I actually ran for Miss TAMUK last year, and I made some amazing friends,” said Alsop, environmental engineer, pre-med student and Miss TAMUK 2015.

“I didn’t win anything, but the ladies that I met really helped me to grow as an individual and just made me feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Alsop was indecisive about running again this year because of her busy schedule, but she decided to participate again as soon as the 2014 pageant ended.

“I am very pleased with the top three, I think they are good girls. All our candidates were amazing tonight, I want to congratulate them all on a job well done,” said Jesus Villegas, co-chair for the Miss TAMUK pageant.

Being a College of Engineering Ambassador and Student Government Vice President, Alsop has certain opportunities to make a difference on campus. However, she always felt like they have been in a more professional capacity, rather than a day-to-day social impact.

“I see Miss TAMUK as a more approachable figure that any student can come up and talk to, and that’s something that I really want to embody,” Alsop said.

Preparing for the pageant cut into Alsop’s study time for school. The weeks in January, the contestants had meetings regarding the pageant. In February, they had photo shoots and prep work for interviews and walking on stage.

March and April they had dance rehearsals and speech topics to go over every week.

“To be honest, I didn’t sleep much in the couple of weeks leading up to the pageant,” Alsop said. “But they also helped me to be more confident, and that was a change of pace from my normal routine, so it was nice to switch things up for a little bit.”

As the day for the pageant approached, Alsop focused on having a positive mentality toward the experience.

“Mostly, I was praying I didn’t trip or do something else embarrassing on stage,” Alsop said. “I was pretty nervous, but I just reassured myself knowing that even if I did mess up, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

Alsop is looking forward to making a difference on campus, this time by being able to make a social impact by being present throughout the community.

“I expect to represent the university in the best way possible and to be an approachable figure that any student can come up and talk to,” Alsop said. “I also hope to embody the spirits and traditions of Javelina Nation, to make those traditions more prevalent on campus, and to get more of the student body excited to show their Hoggie Pride.”

Ismael Perez
Features Editor


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