Learning to break the silence

Learning to break the silence

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Texas A&M University-Kingsville wrapped up its celebration of Women’s History Month by showcasing the feats women have been able to accomplish throughout time at the Women’s Symposium on Mar. 24.

The symposium also took the time to hand one woman the first ever National Organization for Women award for her achievements: Dr. Dolores Guerrero, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

“It is a very interactive event, this audience has been really involved, we’ve had a number of really good presentations, tables where people can look at information,” said Dr. Susan Roberson, Interim Director for the Women and Gender Studies program.

Roberson said the purpose of the event is to celebrate the achievements of women and look at the challenges women have faced through history.  The theme of Women’s history month for this year is weaving the stories of women’s lives.

“I am going to get the audience involved in thinking about their lives and what stories they might tell”, she said.

Many organizations such as Student Activities and the National Organization for Women organization took part in remembering Women’s History.  A series of panels showed women in politics, violence, art and war.

“We are here today calling attention to the idea that our campus needs a crisis center,” said Jenny Vincent, faculty sponsor for the National Organization for Women.

NOW is the only chapter organization in South Texas and through their efforts they are working to share the awareness of the importance of a crisis center on campus.  Their organization has grown dramatically in a matter of a year because of the interest many share in having a crisis center, Vincent mentioned.

A piece for the NOW award was designed through the inspiration of Salvador Dali.  The representation of the piece was called silencing.   

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